COVID-19 National Response

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COVID-19 National Response

It is times like these where our humanity truly shows. Those with no gain are working selflessly to ensure the health of those at risk. We are all facing a viral outbreak at a pandemic level that has threatened our physical and mental health, our country’s socio-economic standings, and the integrity of our healthcare system. Therefore, in LeMSIC, we acknowledge this threat and as advocates of global health, our members have been working endlessly on ensuring the protection of our communities, prevention of a large scale outbreak, and the promotion of proper health precautions and factual information.

National Response Plan Manual

In order to know more about what LeMSIC has been up to, please check this manual

COVID-19 Gallery
COVID-19 Gallery

COVID-19 Newsletters

Our COVID-19 Newsletters provide you with the most recent updates on the current situation in Lebanon.

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Keep an eye out on our social media platforms (instagram, facebook, and twitter) to know more about our COVID-19 national response work (call centers, human rights campaign, newsletters, and more). We will be providing you with the most recent updates on the current situation in Lebanon.

COVID-19 Gallery

The Safe Hands Challenge

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